Our journey

Established in 2005, KiP Telford has been responding to people who find themselves sleeping rough or becoming homeless across the borough of Telford and Wrekin, offering a support service that welcomes individuals at their point of need.

This long standing service has assisted thousands of individuals who, for a variety of reasons, have found themselves to be at risk of sleeping rough, actually living on the streets, or at risk of being without a safe and secure home of their own. Their contributing factors and sometimes challenging presentations, have led to many private sector landlords not being prepared to offer the oportunity of rented accommodated.

With its local partners and private landlords who operate with a social concience, KiP Telford has been able to offer hope to the most marginalised of society.

Working in a hoisitc manner, it is the aim and objective of KiP Telford to open up access to the most appropriate accommodation provision based upon inidvidual need, seeking the applicable support service that enabled people to address some of the issues that prevent access to accommodation, and to bring hope where there has often been despair.

The KiP Telford team

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